Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Farming Incident LPs now available on Bandcamp

Between 1999 and 2010, I was chief shouter and various instrument mangler for Leeds post/punk/space rockers Farming Incident. We released 2 LPs and both of these are now available online for pay-what-you-want at this address - http://farmingincident.bandcamp.com/

Fill your boots

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Legion of Swine European Tour News....updates.......

Tour Update for Legion of Swine/Interstellar Nightmare/Die Infantillerie for May 2012. VERY GOOD!!!

10.5.12 Hamburg (D) РGängeviertel
11.5.12 Leipzig (D) – Interstellar Nightmare @ Noise Fest/ Zoro
12.5.12 Leipzig (D) – Infantillerie & L.o.S. @ Noise Fest/ Zoro
13.5.12 - help needed!!!
14.5.12 - help needed!!!
15.5.12 Bourg En Bresse (F) - tba
16.5.12 Nancy (F) – tba
17.5.12 - help needed!!!
18.5.12 Paris (F) - Cantine de Belleville
19.5.12 Reims (F) - l'écluse
20.5.12 Brussels (B) – tba
21.5.12 - help needed!!!
22.5.12 Amiens (F) – L’Accueil Froid
23.5.12 Lille (F) @ CCL
24.5.12 Amsterdam (NL) - OCCII
25.5.12 Leiden (NL) - SUB071 @ Multipleks
26.5.12 - help needed!!!

Very good


Sunday, 1 April 2012

Photos from Swinefest IV



Split tape news

12 and a half minutes a side, LoS doing one long epic harsh noise piece and 6 short weird cobbled-together tracks from Brown that are also noisy.
Limited to 50 numbered copies with art by Noah Brown.

Contact me here or via legionofswine@googlemail.com - cost £3


Cheers and thanks.....

Thanks to everyone who participated in yesterday's Swinefest IV at Wharf Chambers. Great fun and some top performances all round.

Swinefest V will be happening in October - I cannot wait